John 3:16 & Sunrise Steve

John 3:16 & Sunrise Steve

How it all started, minding my own business!

It was a beautiful day in Roseville California, about noon, 75 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny, with a slight breeze blowing from the south.  I remember how the sun and breeze felt on my face, what a beautiful day to be alive.  I had the day off and decided toJohn3-16 run to the local home improvement store to grab some supplies for a project.  I jumped into the car and headed off on my mission to save our old backyard fire pit from an untimely demise.

That’s when it happened, about six minutes in, as I slowed to stop at the intersection of Sunrise and Douglas Blvd. I spotted him on the far corner to my left.  A well-intentioned, obviously devoted follower of the christian religion holding a sign that read “JOHN 3:16”.  I don’t know him but I’ll refer to him as Sunrise Steve.

For those who have never read it, let’s give it a read in a popular translation:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

(Taken out of context and mistranslated, the English words above do not correctly reflect the original Greek, and it is one of the most misused verses in scripture.  But, there are many.)
Steve Cares, so much he does not want you to perish in hell!

My immediate reaction was to feel for Steve, out there on the street corner trying to finish what our Lord and Savior already finished on the cross over two thousand year ago! Then I thought to myself “well, at least Steve is a christian who not only believes in a fiery torture chamber called ‘hell’ but cares enough about humanity to try and warn as many as he can”.

You see, most who believe what Steve believes are content to stand by and allow countless numbers of unsuspecting passersby to continue on a path that these devotees believe leads to eternal torment. Torment at the hands of their “loving” god. But, if they really did believe it, wouldn’t they be spending every waking moment warning those who Christ died to save!?!? At least Steve cares enough to spend some of his free time warning Rosevillites of their impending doom. Well, I give Steve credit for trying, but if he really does care, I should continue to see him on the corner every waking moment of the rest of the days of his life.  My guess is that he will eventually give up, either on God, or his un-saved fellows. His only other options are to come to a knowledge of the truth, or go mad. This false belief is simply too much of a burden for any mere mortal to bear and remain sane.

After all, God needs our help!

The truth is, the savior that Steve believes in needs human help.  That’s how great Steve’s savior is.  With the help of devoted followers like himself, a savior this weak may just eke out a few more souls from the vast majority bound for “hell”. Many of these devotees believe that they will show up at the gates of heaven and be rewarded while they proclaim to god; “look at all that we’ve done for you, and all these that we brought with us!” (uh, see Mathew 7:21, it doesn’t go well!)

Meanwhile, as their teaching goes, while these devotees are in heaven, billions more will writhe in agony in a cosmic torture chamber.  A place they refer to as ‘hell’, a quarantined area in some distant corner of God’s creation that these devoted do insist will exist for all eternity.  Yes, sin and misery will continue in hell forever.  In spite of this, somehow billions of Gods own children screaming, begging, and crying for mercy that will never come, will neither be a blight on said god’s character, nor will it convict such a god of being either a monster, who intended it such, as Calvinists believe, or a weak and pitiful god who could not accomplish his own desire to save all humanity, as most evangelicals believe. I don’t know enough about Steve to say which camp he is in but either way, it’s not a god most of humanity could embrace. This is evidenced by a world of unbelief, you see such teaching drives people away from God, it does not draw them to Him.


I had to stop and share with him the True gospel of our salvation!

What if there were a gospel that truly was good news?!?!  What if there were a distinctly different Gospel than the one Christ brought to Israel during his earthy ministry?

Well, there is!  It was given to the Apostle Paul by our risen Savior. I had to at least try and share this Gospel with Steve,  so, I doubled back and left some literature on Steve’s truck.   It speaks the truth about a gospel worth standing on a street corner to proclaim! Who knows, maybe Steve will read it.  I suspect that it will get thrown in the trash, there is a better than average chance that Steve is not secure enough in his own beliefs to challenge them by searching the scriptures to see if it these things are so!

Most victims of the teachings of orthodox churchianity are brainwashed by a system of deception. Sunrise Steve, and those who believe as he does know nothing about the successful savior that actually died on the Cross for all humanity. The One who finished the work of salvation over two thousand years ago! They cling to their own faith.  A faith in a mere potential savior, one who can only save those who cooperate.  How sad!

So, here are some verses for Sunrise Steve:
  • 1 Timothy 2:4 – Our Father in heaven desires that all mankind come to a saving faith.
  •  Isaiah 55:11 -Our Father will accomplish his desire!
  • Job 42:1-2 – Our Father’s will to accomplish his desires cannot be thwarted!
  • 1 Timothy 4:9-11 – Christ is the savior of ALL mankind.
  • John 19:28 – Christ finished the work of salvation on the cross.
  • John 1:29 – Christ took away the sin of the world.
  • Philippians 2:10 – Every person will accept Christ as Lord!
  • Genesis 12:2-3 – All the ends of the world shall turn back to God!
  • 2 Cor 5:19 – God, through Christ, reconciled you, not counting your sins against you!
  • Isaiah 2:2 – God’s house shall be established, and ALL nations will flow unto it!
  • John 1:9 – Christ is the true light, and will light everyone who has been born!
  • John 12:32 – Christ was lifted up, and will draw ALL MANKIND unto Himself.
  • Romans 11:30-36 – God will have mercy on ALL mankind!
  • Colossians 1:20 – Christ will reconcile ALL things to Himself, weather in heaven or on earth!
  • 1 John 2:2 – Christ is the propitiation for our sins and sins of the whole world!
  • Ephesians 1:10 – Our Father will gather together in one, ALL THINGS in Christ. – Heaven & Earth



Check these verses out, study to show yourself approved, an unashamed worker.  Rightly dividing the word of truth. Be like the Bereans who heard these things Paul taught and then searched the scriptures to see if they were true!

“That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him“. (Eph1:17)

It isn’t our faith that saves us, it is the faith of Christ that saves us.

I challenge you to read what I left on your truck, and I hope you visit this site!  I hope to see you spending a little more of your spare time next week spreading some real good news! Now, I must go back to saving my backyard fire pit from an untimely demise.

I guess I will wish you the best of luck, if you continue in your current beliefs, I am afraid that I must give you my condolences as your efforts to save a few more of souls from god’s celestial out door fire pit are not going to work out too well for you, or for those you are trying to reach. If your are right and the above verses are wrong, we are all in bad shape.

I, on the other hand, am quite confident that Christ and our Heavenly Father have it all covered.  All we need to do is share the true Gospel with the world so that they can rest in freedom and knowledge that God is good, Christ is a complete success, and it all works out well in the end.  Let me assure you that our God can be trusted to deal firmly with transgression, to make right all that is wrong in the world today, and still overcome human will and save every last person on earth, and every last being in heaven!

Now, if I’ve misrepresented your beliefs or position Steve, feel free to comment on this and straighten out any assumptions I’ve made about your beliefs.

Oh, and Steve.  I am not a universalist

– D H


P. S. Here is a more faithful English rendering of John 3:16:

For thus God loves the world, so that He gives His only-begotten Son, that everyone who is believing in Him should not be perishing, but may be having life eonian.”


Notice: This rendering make clear that God still “Loves” the world, not “loved”,  past tense, as the popular versions render it. Also notice that those who do not believe, perish (die), while those who do believe get life for the eons. (after they die)  Believers in this lifetime are the first fruits, the remainder will come in the harvests to follow. Latter harvests that the believers from this eon will play a part in bringing in during the next two ages, or eons.

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2 Replies to “John 3:16 & Sunrise Steve”

  1. You were very kind in what you wrote to SS! I don’t want to be picky, but you wrote you weren’t a universalist. Do you not believe that all will come to Christ in their time? Or am I missing something? I was just curious, and if you don’t want to answer this publicly, but don’t mind answering, feel free to use my email!

  2. Tom,

    Yes, I most certainly do believe that all creation will be reconciled back to God, through Christ. I do share this belief with universalists. In my experience, universalists discount much of God’s word in an attempt to shield God from evil. They tend not to believe Isaiah 45:7, they tend not to believe Ephesians 1:11. They tend to believe that everything good is of God, and everything bad is of the adversary. Scripture is very clear about it, God created light, He created darkness, He created good, AND he created evil. All is of God, good, and evil. Evil is necessary to God’s plan. Without it, we cannot know God’s love. One day all evil will be undone, and justified, and all creation will be reconciled back to the Father, through the Christ.

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